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We are the ONLY Provider of Pre-built Company Models with Consensus delivered via our Proprietary SaaS Platform + Customizable as per Client Requirements

Excel Format

Instant online access to a global universe of models for public and pre-IPO companies on our InSync ISTARI online user interface w/access to backup company filings and transcripts

Historicals &
Tweakable Forecasts

GAAP and non-GAAP historicals for 5+ years, access to InSync consensus (entitlement-based) for revenue & cost drivers, KPIs, key BS, CF line items, credit ratios, trading and valuation multiples

Guidance Tracker

Historical guidance commentary for last 5+ years, with variance trends versus actual results and InSync consensus (based on entitlements) sourced from transcripts, company presentations and filings

Fundamental Models
Built for and by the Buyside

  • Automatic Real-time Earnings Updates: as soon as a company reports via our proprietary Excel API plug-in or system data feed
  • Access to InSync Consensus: Sourced from 10,000+ sell-side analysts (based on entitlements) and in-built InSync and Bloomberg formulas
  • User-friendly, Intuitive Layout: Dynamic template to reflect a company’s new reporting format and/or changing business model (acquisitions/divestments/new biz)

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Human-centered Financial Modeling x Process Excellence x Data-driven Analytics x Automation Technology = InSync Solutions

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