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Get instant access to our library of 3,000+ fundamental models and data via ISTARI (InSync STreet Analytics & Research Intelligence) UI and Excel Add-in and API

Pre-built Fundamental Models

User-friendly wired template with detailed historicals / KPIs, tweakable estimates set to consensus (entitlement-based); One-click near real-time earnings update; ROIC, guidance, comps, credit ratios, valuation; Models added upon request at no additional cost

InSync Consensus®

Deepest dataset of near real-time mapped accurate comparable consensus for 1,500+ comparable line items and KPIs sourced directly from working sell-side models (8 Quarters + 5 Annuals); Access to 400+ entitlement-based research providers / brokers

Operating & Trading Comps

Proprietary dataset of comprehensive sector-specific standardized operating trends with 10+ years of historicals and five years of consensus estimates; Valuation comps with forward trading multiples; Historical forward multiples for over 10 years

Guidance & Earnings Variance

Detailed guidance history sourced from company filings and transcripts; Near real-time earnings variance of actuals reported vs sell-side consensus vs guidance for all major line items, including the KPIs that matter

Flexible Visual Dashboards

Tableau-based visual dashboards and displays with UI flexibility in choosing comprehensive financial data, metrics and brokers; Search for KPIs / time series to identify trends; Drag and drop features for viewing data via charts

Calendar & Source Documents

Earnings calendar downloadable to Outlook; Centralized repository for source documents including filings, transcripts, investor presentations; Secure storage with easy upload / download for client models and projects

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The "InSync" Multiplier Effect

Human-centered Financial Modeling x Data-driven Analytics x Automation Technology x Process Excellence = InSync Buyside Centric Solutions

At InSync Analytics®, a leading fintech solutions provider, we multiply what’s possible. Our human-centered street consensus and financial modeling solutions intricately match what our buy-side and corporate Investor Relations (IR) clients are looking for in their analysis.

We’ve leveraged our proven capabilities and deep experience to build a treasure trove of detailed, accurate historicals and estimates data for financial metrics and KPIs for the last 10 years for 4,000+ companies not available elsewhere. We work closely with clients to transform our standardized and mapped data into actionable insights.


InSync Analytics®. Experience-based. Technology-enabled. Outcome-driven.

    Financial modeling is in our DNA. We were built for and by the buyside. We offer:

  • Annual Subscription: All you can eat SaaS business model
  • Flexible Engagement: Flat-rate or usage based pricing options
  • Dedicated Analyst Services: High caliber, trained junior analyst(s) for your custom financial modeling and data needs

Client Testimonials

My compliments for how good your work is. A challenging model to update, and your team did a great job understanding nuances, like what I meant by “comparable”, identified restatements and updated calcs. I found your work here truly excellent, and I am very impressed
Partner, $700M+ Hedge Fund

What attracted us is the premise of “near-real-timeliness” of your data.
Head of Data Outsourcing, $60BN Quant Fund

I have been a long time customer of your consensus and company models. Your data is always accurate and reliable
Portfolio Manager, $110BN Hedge Fund

Very happy with the service. Timely and models are completed as I want them
Research Analyst, $1T+ Asset Manager

Your team is great and the work my dedicated analyst does for us, is super helpful
CIO, $30M Start-up Hedge Fund

We continue to find considerable value in your consensus services
Head of IR, $70BN Market Cap Industrials Company

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Human-centered Financial Modeling x Process Excellence x Data-driven Analytics x Automation Technology = InSync Solutions

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