Financial Modeling is in our DNA

We create exceptional customized consensus, financial models and data sets that are a perfect solution for our buy-side clients investment analysis needs. We do that by combining our 15+ years of human-centered financial modeling and data expertise with the scale and accuracy of real-time analytics, technology and automation.

InSync Analytics is a women-owned business. Our staff includes professionals from the banking, research and corporate sectors, with degrees in business, engineering, CFAs and MBAs. All employees undergo rigorous in-house training in industry / company research methodologies, modeling GAAP / non-GAAP and other accounting techniques, valuation metrics and compliance requirements.

Leadership Team

Pinkey Jain

co-Founder and co-CEO

Gunbir Sethi Gauba

co-Founder and co-CEO

Dhriti Wadhwani

CFO & Head of India Operations

Senior Management

Abhijeet Akash

Chief Marketing Officer

Neha Sambary Chavan

Chief Operating Officer

Ramesh Prajapati

Chief Revenue Officer

Pranesh Khale

Chief Compliance Officer

Sheetal Munden

Chief Innovation Officer

Nilesh Shimpi

Chief Technology Officer

Jeevraj Rai

Chief Product Officer

Ritesh Patel

Head, Outsourced Analyst Solutions

Mayuresh Rane

Lead Software Developer

Kiran Kadam

Co-Head, Consensus Solutions

Mandar Khatavkar

Co-Head, Consensus Solutions

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