InSync Dedicated Analysts

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The ONLY provider to offer Dedicated Analysts w/access to our database of pre-built company models + InSync Consensus® + near real-time earnings updates via ISTARI

Hiring Process
“InSync” with Clients

  1. Identify client requirements
  2. Complimentary trial
  3. Shortlist resumes, interview and fully onboard analyst(s) & backup
  4. Access to a high caliber, well-experienced, low churn team
  5. Guaranteed cost savings, flexible work hours as per client needs

Flexible Staffing to
Optimize Workflow

  1. Dedicated Analyst(s) for PMs / Analysts with consistently high volume of work
  2. Shared Pool of Analysts for PMs / Analysts who require flexible teams for peak periods: earnings, launching/increasing coverage
  3. Team Lead to supervise, liaise with client, staff appropriately, ensure accurate and timely deliverables

The “InSync"
Scale Advantage

  1. Stringent compliance controls to maintain client confidentiality
  2. Access to ISTARI UI:
    –  Pre-built company models
    –  Consensus estimates
    –  Near real-time earnings updates
  3. Seamless, scalable workflow:
    – Backup for each analyst
    – Centralized management

Our Dedicated Research Analysts Work as an Extension of Client Teams

  • We leverage our proven capabilities and 15+ years of deep experience to offer high quality outsourced analyst solutions to optimize capacity, improve scalability and achieve significant cost savings
  • Choose from a team of high performing Analysts, with advanced degrees in finance and accounting, supported by our highly experienced training and product management teams
  • Fully onboard InSync analyst(s) as part of PM/Analyst team(s) to enhance efficiencies

For Clients that Need Customized Models, Research and Analytics with Access to InSync Data

Experience the InSync Multiplier Effect Today

Human-centered Financial Modeling x Process Excellence x Data-driven Analytics x Automation Technology = InSync Solutions

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