InSync Consensus®

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Customizable Near Real-time Granular Dataset of Sell-side Estimates for 1,500+ Comparable Line Items via API, Cloud, Datafeed, Excel Add-in


Sell-side Research Providers

As an independent firm with 15+ years of deep consensus estimates expertise and no ties to any major brokers, we have agreements with Research Providers globally to protect IP and provide access only to approved clients with entitlements


Financial Line Items and KPIs

Customizable near real-time mapped dataset of comparable line items (ex-adjustments / accounting treatment) for historicals seamlessly standardized w/estimates sourced from 15,000+ sell-side analysts. Outliers explained with comments, excludes stale estimates


Companies Covered Globally

Comprehensive and growing model
library of detailed, accurate historicals
and estimates data (entitlement-based) for financial line items, KPIs, guidance for 15+ years not available elsewhere, customizable for your investment analysis

Stable API

Direct system data feed, and API to Excel from our secure server, which is more stable versus frequent crashes caused by Excel add-ins offered by other providers


Actuals and variance (beat/miss vs. estimates, guidance) updated for key financials and KPIs, within 15 minutes of earnings report via direct API feed system-wide and to Excel

User Interface

InSync near-real time consensus access through API system data feed, plug-in for excel,  interactive visual web-based platform (InSync ISTARI), custom Excel files

ISTARI - InSync Street Alpha & Research Intelligence
The InSync Consensus® UI

We are not a data aggregator but an “in sync” partner to enhance the efficiency of our buy-side and IR clients. We leverage our deep consensus expertise of 15+ years to offer standardized, mapped data via our cloud based visual platform ISTARI:

  • Highly accurate and granular industry-specific product / segment estimates and KPIs most looked at by PMs/Analysts
  • Inter-Q Sell-side estimates changes / delta tracked heading into earnings to help gauge sentiment
  • Dynamic template to reflect company’s changing business model (acquisitions / divestments / new biz)
  • Detailed, proprietary historical data for clean, comparable financial metrics and KPIs not available elsewhere

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