Bespoke Models & Analytics

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Optimize Workflow with
InSync Financial Modeling & Data Analytics

  • Flexible Engagement: Flat-rate or usage based pricing options
  • Dedicated Outsourced Analyst Services: High caliber, trained junior analyst(s) available on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis

Historical & Predictive Company Models

  • Customizable as per your template with GAAP, non-GAAP historicals, guidance
  • Interactive and intuitive with tweakable forecasts for revenue drivers, cost analysis and KPIs based on consensus estimates.
  • Also includes balance sheet, cash flow statement, debt schedule, operating and valuation metrics

IPO Models

  • Plug-n-play, customizable models for all upcoming IPOs
  • Detailed historicals and projections based on bull, bear base case scenario analysis
  • Industry / peer comparative valuation and operating metrics
  • Interactive DCF valuation with tweakable assumptions
  • Models tracked and updated until listing

Credit Models

  • Custom company credit models
  • Historical and forecasted key financial and credit metrics / ratios for liquidity analysis
  • Capital structure with detailed debt schedule
  • Industry comps with relative value versus peers
  • Tweakable LBO models

Industry Models

  • Proprietary granular dataset of sector-specific standardized financial line items and KPIs for historicals and street estimates
  • Identify / analyze historical trends and forecast industry performance
  • Peer trading and operating comps
  • Customizable to include any peer company, financial line items, KPIs

Guidance Tracker

  • Detailed historical guidance tracked
  • Variance (Beat/Miss) with estimates / actuals
  • Real-time update
  • Customizable data, delivery via Excel API plug-in / data feed / online platform

Data Analytics / Bespoke Projects

  • Customizable data mining and analysis as required
  • Efficient turnaround for data intensive, time consuming work
  • Large pool of talented and trained resources to handle recurring projects
  • Can build a system to get data as soon as available / updated

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