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InSync Analytics, founded by Wall Street investment bankers, is a corporate finance and research services provider. We are headquartered in New York with operations in Mumbai. Our global service portfolio caters to investment banks, asset managers and corporates. We differentiate ourselves with our niche focus, highest standard of client service and customized solutions.

Why Work With Insync Analytics ?

Our mission is to help our clients achieve more with less. We supply analytical and research capacity as and when needed so, by working with InSync, our clients can maximise their output at minimum cost. All costs are agreed in advance, so clients know exactly how much our service will cost and there are no hidden charges.


Our pool of trained analysts and researchers is available to work on any size of project, and, depending on the complexity of the work, often at short notice. We provide clients with the extra resources and flexibility to cope with deadlines, seasonal peaks or temporary skill shortages.

Highly Skilled Staff

We employ only graduates with appropriate numeracy and technical skills. In addition, we give our analysts specialist training for each project if necessary, at no extra cost to the client. We also maintain a network of professional analysts who are available to work on specific research assignments.

Cost Effective

Clients pay only for the services they need. Our fees are agreed in advance and do not contain any hidden extras. Our contracts are flexible and can cover client requirements ranging from a single one-off project to the hire of a dedicated team for an agreed period. Our objective is always to help clients maximise their cost savings whilst always offering a first-rate, high-quality service. As each project is different, we analyse every project proposal in terms of our resource and time commitments in order to provide clients with a transparent and fixed price before any contract is agreed.

The Client Comes First

As investment professionals we understand the importance of a high quality, confidential, and reliable service. We also understand that a high level of personal contact and accountability is essential if we are to be entrusted with profit and time sensitive work. To ensure this, a senior executive in US takes full responsibility for each client and is always the primary point of contact.