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Access Policies

  • Facilities have restricted access for authorised personnel
  • InSync's network is enabled with state-of-art security systems to detect any unusual activity
  • Disaster recovery/back-up systems stored daily at an off-site premises
  • Desktop computers require authentication for access and are disabled for local back-up
  • No access to public email


  • Non-disclosure agreements (NDA) between InSync and clients
  • All team members must sign a comprehensive NDA
  • Ongoing compliance and confidentiality training for all employees
  • Employees' personal trading account with InSync approved brokerage firm


  • Clients are allocated independent dedicated secured server space with login ID and password
  • Staffing process to identify personnel "conflicted" from working for a client
  • Information sharing on a strictly "need to know" basis within the research team
  • Assigned client code names

Client confidentiality is guaranteed by tight access policies, superior compliance training and a paperless work environment

InSync can work with the client's compliance team to establish any client-specific policy