About Us

InSync Analytics, founded by Wall Street investment bankers, is a corporate finance and research services provider. We are headquartered in New York, with operations in Mumbai. Our global service portfolio caters to investment banks, asset managers and corporates. We differentiate ourselves with our niche focus, highest standard of client service and customized solutions.

What We Do

InSync Analytics provides an array of high quality, financial modeling and research services across various sectors and asset classes. Our work ranges from plain vanilla to more creative, financial analytical solutions for our clients. We work closely with clients to adopt their methodologies and templates to provide an optimal customized service.

We Understand

We view our client relationships as partnerships. We understand our client needs for quality and work closely with them to provide the most cost- and time-effective solutions.

Our Services



Our Advantage

Achieve more with less.

InSync Analytics helps clients maximize their output at minimum cost. The key to our service is quality, timeliness and flexibility.

We provide:

  • Highly skilled financial analytical and research capabilities
  • Flexible resources to be used as and when needed
  • Dedicated teams to cope with large or long-duration projects
  • Individual analysts for single projects, both large and small
  • Flexible engagement terms to give maximum control over costs and resource use